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Join Crewe of Cressy - Teespring Campaign

teampaulNOJoin Crewe of Cressy – Teespring Campaign

We created this campaign in loving memory of Paul Cressy, who passed away on August 1. Paul fought the long and hard fight with colon cancer. He was the center of a loving, close-knit extended family, and group of faithful, lifetime friends. Paul was gracious and kind, with an infectious spirit that will live on in all he touched. In his writings, Paul would remind us that goodness lurks in the shadow of tragedy. His resolute courage in the face of incredible adversity will continue to serve as an inspiration to those who knew him.

“Crewe of Cressy” honors Paul’s memory and legacy of raising awareness of colorectal cancer and fighting for a cure. Paul’s own words inspired this campaign and will continue to inspire us in the years to come. 

He wrote:

“This has been hard and nasty and uncomfortable and sad and long and frustrating and sometime lonely, but it has also been enlightening and rewarding and calming and joyful and inspiring and loving. The cheating in all of this is that I have the most affectionate train of support behind me that does not allow me to feel sorrow or self-pity. My home, my work and my friendships have reinforced the walls around me and protected me from any negativity. The taboo of cancer is just that and like any controversy that may infect your life, the support you muster is your lifeline through the chaos. The secret that is revealed is that the support you give…is the support you get.” August 27, 2010

Later he added:

“Just so you know there are no epiphanies in this entire event other than to galvanize what I do believe. We are crafted in the image, gifted with the tools to be the best we can be. To recognize and acknowledge these gifts in one another is the struggle. The ability to filter through nonsense, ignore the immaterial and concentrate on what we have to offer is the reward.” October 21, 2010

With your support we can continue our fight against colorectal cancer in Paul’s memory and work toward A World Without Colorectal Cancer. Please visit to purchase your Crewe of Cressy shirt today.   Proceeds support the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation and its life saving public outreach, screening and prevention, and research programs focused on early-age onset of colorectal cancer. 







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