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Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation Gives Award for Excellence in Colorectal Cancer Research


NEW YORKOct. 17, 2013The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF), a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to reducing colorectal cancer incidence and death throughout the United States, has given the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation/CGA-ICC Colorectal Cancer Research Scholar Award to Deborah Cragun.


Dr. Thomas K. Weber (left) and Dr. Susan K. Peterson (right), 2013 CGA-ICC president, present Dr. Deborah Cragun with the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation/CGA-ICC Colorectal Cancer Research Scholar Award.


The award is given to the top-ranking abstract submitted by a trainee or junior faculty member. It gave Cragun $2,000 to cover the registration and travel expenses to the 2013 CGA-ICC Conference in Anaheim, Calif. Dr. Thomas K. Weber, CCCF founder, presented Cragun with the award at the conference on Oct. 7.

Cragun’s research focuses on the implementation of diagnostic tools to identify patients with Lynch syndrome, an inherited condition that increases the risk of colon cancer. She began her research as a doctoral student at the University of South Florida and continues it in her postdoctoral fellowship at the Moffitt Cancer Center.


“It’s great to see Lynch syndrome getting more attention,” Cragun said. “It’s such a strong indicator of future cancer risk that I’d like to see more healthcare providers diagnosing it. CCCF’s


recognition of my work is really rewarding.”

“Dr. Cragun’s research is so important to helping prevent colon cancer or catch it early on,” said Catherine Montaldo, CCCF executive director. “The more people who know about Lynch syndrome and its risks, the more we can provide effective screening and treatment.”

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